Monday, July 30, 2018

StarTribune Publishes SD Lion Hunter's Name as "News"

Yesterday, in an outrageous act of doxxing and under the auspices of some kind of journalism the StarTribune published not only the name but home town of a South Dakota hunter who was granted a license to take a lion in Africa.  Not stopping there, the rag also linked to a list of all 33 license holders.

This isn't journalism, this is blatant hope that someone harasses this individual.  Or worse.  In situations like this, people have suffered a loss of a job, physical violence, and even threats to their lives.  All for engaging in a legal activity.

If harm should come to the South Dakota hunter, "journalist" Paul Walsh and the Star Tribune should absolutely inherit some of the blame.

As a hunter, this is a sick precedent, as it's only a matter of time when the doxxing crowd moves on to any form of hunting.  

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