Monday, April 9, 2018

Shame on 60 Minutes

Last night 60 Minutes treated us to a 20-minute segment on the lynching of blacks.  Their reporting included extremely grizzly photography, stomach-turning news stories, and a firm blame that because of lynchings over 100 years ago in our history, black people are still being discriminated against in a grotesque manner to this day.

To what end, 60 Minutes?  Sure seems like your goal is to fan racial hate.  I'm not sure there was any other objective.

Perhaps it can be couched as making us face our history, like keeping the concentration camps open in Germany?  Sure.  This was an ugly part of our history, and we need to own it.  However, to make the leap to blame lynching on the current incarceration statistics while failing to ignore the facts that blacks from single-parent families commit crimes in wildly higher numbers than any other group, and that single-parent families are rampant in the black community ignores data. 

Our disgusting history of lynchings isn't responsible for the sorry state of race relations in this country.  The replacement of the nuclear family, starting with Johnson's great society and continuing unabated ever since has everything to do with it. 

But 60 Minutes isn't concerned about race relations, or the truth, or facts.  As long as we can blame each other for our ills, and as long as that continues to manifest itself in hate, well folks that there is some good TV.

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