Tuesday, July 18, 2017

When a Killing by a Cop Doesn't Matter

In international news, an Australian woman in Minneapolis was killed by a cop on Saturday under very suspicious circumstances.  She was the one that called 911, was in her pajamas, and came out to meet the police.  When she did, one of the officers grabbed for his gun and discharged it.  The round went through the door and killed the woman.

Ordinarily, the media would be all over this, as would Black Lives Matter, as would Governor Dayton.  Unfortunately, there is one little problem - the officer in this case is Somali.  

Ordinarily, when a cop appears to kill a citizen in cold blood, there is a shut down of I-94, cries of abject racism, and accusations of outright murder.  But when a Muslim does it, and better yet kills a white person, then there just has to be some kind of circumstance which would easily explain the event.

No marches.  No demands for firing.  

If we were playing jump to conclusions like is normally done, perhaps we'd assume that the officer came upon not only a kafir, but a scantily dressed one at that.  Her lack of modesty is punishable by death in a number of Muslim lands, and the good officer took it upon himself to mete out some Sharia justice and rid the world of the infidel offender.  Right?

How does that feel? 

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