Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tuesday Night Mass

Tuesdays are my worst days.  At work, it represents the cumulation of two days of stress, panic, horrible time management, accusations, and drama.  

Monday is bad.  Really bad.  Tuesday is worse.

Because it is so crappy, I've been going to mass Tuesday nights.  I can't do daily mass in the mornings as I'm expected to have my butt in my seat by 7:00AM every work day, however one day per week we have a mass at night, and at 6:30PM it is just late enough for me to make it there if I protect my schedule enough at work.

What a salve it has been.  Many times, mired in the garbage that is my standard Tuesday, I think hard about the fact that I'll force things to leave on time, and will be able to partake of the Eucharist later if I can just muddle through.

It is a small mass in our chapel and is usually presided by my favorite priest, Fr. Scott.  A good-looking 20 something, Fr. Scott is as hilarious as he is passionate about our Lord.  He's quick with the one-liners as well as connecting his homily to the gospel.  I'll likely be writing of the best lines he's used in some future post (here's a taste - in closing mass last month, he stated, "Please let us pray for Fr. John on his trip to Florida.  Let us pray for his safe travels and that he returns to us refreshed.  Amen.  Since Fr. John is leaving, and I'll be there alone, and that means there will be a major rager in the rectory all week long, so stop on by, but BYOB.")

It is just what I need at the end of what has usually been two crappy days.  And you know what?  The rest of the week is pretty darned good as a result.

I don't think that's a coincidence.

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