Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson Aflame

To nobody's surprise, after months of analysis, review, and deliberation, the grand jury in Ferguson found no evidence to indict the officer that killed Michael Brown.  For anything.  At all.  In essence, the grand jury found that officer Darren Wilson did nothing wrong for which he could be tried in a criminal court.  Nothing.

Once the verdict came down, the other shoe predictably dropped, and protesters in Ferguson went on a breaking, burning, shooting, looting, and lawless spree.  In the meantime, President Obama came on air to claim that we are "a nation of laws," (unless, of course, you're the President, in which case you can use Executive Orders to get around the law) and that the protesters should lawfully and peacefully let their voices be heard.


For the man looting the liquor store, what was his voice saying?  How about those looking to turn over a police car? What about those firing guns indiscriminately?

The left sees this as a "call to action," and a "sea change."  But for what, exactly?  In looking at the evidence, it appears that what is being called for is that you can rob a store, beat a cop, then charge said cop and not get shot.  Seriously?

The godless left often talk about Darwin, evolution, and science.  It would seem to me that under normal circumstances should be happy that someone that did the above got summarily drummed out of the gene pool.  Ah, but these are not normal circumstances.  We need to "understand the rage."  We need to "feel the yoke of their oppression."

As simple as charge a cop, get shot?  No, my friend.  It is so much bigger than that.  Just ask Al Sharpton, President Obama, and every other liberal talking head.  

Fight the power.

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  1. I have been away for a bit and was getting caught up on your posts, so pay no mind to my tardiness on this comment. I live 30 min from Ferguson, and I have kids bussed into my classes from the area, we are still feeling the wrath of the cries for justice. To see riots, and all in a place that we once called home, is crazy, to see the issues and riots and no arrests, charges, police action, it is appalling. Now they are claiming they "might" charge the step dad with inciting a riot...that ought to turn out great...that along with the 3.5 MILLION they have racked up for police presences in a strapped town...wow. Glad to see you see things clearly! it is nice to know that others not nearby are not clouded by the biased media.


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