Tuesday, September 9, 2014

NFL Overturns Call on Rice Due to Instant Replay

Ray Rice beat the hell out of his then girlfriend, now wife.  Everybody was in agreement on that, and due to that activity, the Rice was suspended from his job for two games.  He served no jail time.

Beat up his girlfriend.  Two games.  No jail.

Later, the NFL claimed they blew it, and that future domestic abuse charges would be met with much harsher penalties.  

And then the video came out:

The NFL, aghast at the brutality of the video, upped their punishment of Rice to an indefinite suspension.   

Now, my question for the NFL:  What the hell did you think the abuse looked like?   

This video is domestic abuse.  Are there examples of false charges, nefarious activity, and outright lies?  Absolutely.  But nobody was even claiming such a thing in this case.  

Rice is a thug and a punk.  He deserves his extended punishment, if not worse.  

We should not need a video to know that.

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