Monday, November 18, 2013

Oppose Obama? Oprah Says You're Racist

Oprah Winfrey, the woman made obscenely rich by white America, says that the reason why people oppose Obama is because they're racist, and everybody knows it:

Never mind that the only reason he got elected in the first place was because a bunch of white people voted for him.  The first play in the liberal playbook is to never let facts get in the way when the race card is being played.

Obama is a horrible executive, leader, and president.  He's woefully over his head, has surrounded himself with sycophants, has overtly lied to the American people time and again, and has yet to convey any semblance of responsibility, humility, or resolve.  His tenure, especially in the second term, has been a nightmare.

But I guess to Oprah, that only means I'm a racist.

When do we get to the point in our culture where a man can be criticized based on his actions, and have that criticism stick without apologists invoking the color of the man's skin?

Obama was elected by many to right the wrongs done to African Americans throughout our history.  However, instead of making things better, Obama has only made things worse and made the division wider.  

Could his administration be any more of a failure? 

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