Thursday, September 29, 2011

Newest Hallmark Line? Cards for the Unemployed

I saw this news article and it really, really ticked me off.  

Hallmark is just trying to make a buck.  People who know folks that are unemployed want to have the ability to reach out to friends and family.  I get that.

So why am I so angry?  I'm angry because this, to me, legitimizes the way things are.  A thing like a layoff which used to be considered an aberration is now something so common that we actually exchange cards when it happens.  It sends a signal that this is just what life is like now - no sense in fighting it.

What's next, cards for going on food stamps, car repossession, and home foreclosure?  Really, what's next?

If or when I become unemployed, send me an email of encouragement, a lead on a job, or a text to know you care, but please, please don't send me a card. 

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