Monday, May 2, 2011


Words are simply failing me. 

I’m awash in emotions:
  • There hasn’t been a moment of this kind of national pride since I can’t remember. 
  • Finally.  It took ten years, but FINALLY! 
  • As a Christian, I really struggle.  I want vengeance, and I want this scum to burn in hellfire for eternity.  I know God will judge, but this is too new, and I still hold a fervent hope for some kind of comeuppance. 
  • If the story that is being to told is true, what an outstanding performance by our Special Forces.  I’m heartened that one of our guys delivered the final blow, and that bin Laden knew it was coming.  I hope, just for a minute or two, he suffered the same fear and hopelessness as those trapped in the burning towers. 
  • I love the signal this sends to the world, especially those that oppose us.  It might take time, but we will deliver justice.  You cannot be safe.  You cannot hide.  Mess with us, and expect the ultimate retaliation. 
  • I love the burial at sea.  Going to be tough to build a shrine out there.  I'm sure it will prompt conspiracy theories, but that would occur regardless. 
  • Here's to all who worked, in two different administrations, to bring this day to fruition.  It is nice to see all of that hard work bear fruit.
It is a great day to be an American.

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