Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Badfinger Catalog Released on MP3

With the release of the Beatles' catalog a couple of weeks ago, I was pleased to see that another Apple record label act also released their catalog.  Badfinger, a band heretofore unavailable for download, finally made their Apple catalog available for download. 

There's a lot to investigate with this band, and while some of what they produced sounds dated, some is timeless.  A great place to start is 1971's Straight Up, which was first produced by George Harrison, and later completed by Todd Rundgren. 

Should Badfinger have been a bigger band?  Tough to say.  This band was equally cursed and blessed due to their proximity to the Beatles, both in terms of sound and working relationships, and had a tough time getting out of that huge shadow.  They also suffered from horrific management, which contributed is some way to not only one but two band members' suicides. 

While their story is tragic, they made some really great music in the early '70's, and are worth a listen.

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