Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nick Punto Watch - The Case of the Disappearing Moustache (and Hits)

Our intrepid hero spends his All-Star break  growing a moustache, and what a beauty he produced. There are dozens of 1970's porn stars that would have killed for a 'stache like that.

And you know who else liked it? The Baseball Gods. Sporting his new hirsute look, Nicky slapped the ball around the field like Rod Carew to the tune of a 2-3.

So what does our hairy hitter do to celebrate his new found offensive prowess? He shaves. The Baseball Gods were instantly displeased with this affront, and immediately cursed Nicky to his standard 0-3 in the next game.

Note to Nick Punto: don't trifle with the Baseball Gods.

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