Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nick Punto Watch - With Added Coverage of The Harris Embarrassment, Part 2

The beat goes on for Nicky and Brandon. Punto is down to .221, whereas Harris has fallen even further to .160. Combined, the 3rd base position for the Twins is batting .207, with a .275 OBP and .274 slugging. This, sports fans, is flat out pathetic.

As the trade deadline approaches, it sounds like the Twins are sniffing around at Mike Lowell, who is having a horrendous season at .215 and two homers. Given the struggles of Harris and Lowell, perhaps a change of venue for both would be valuable. Lowell has announced he'll likely retire after this year, whereas Harris has good upside, but his $1.45MM contract is an albatross.

Seriously, can things get any worse at 3rd?

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