Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Favre Post is's Blog of the Day

The day of my last post, I watched the traffic on my site absolutely explode. Using GoogleAnalytics, it was clearly evident where the traffic was originating - a site called

I headed out to their site and found that Yellow Dog Patrol had been recognized as the "Blog of the Day." Check it out on the right hand side:

In doing a post game search for a Minnesota based Vikings recap, one of their editors must have run across the site and felt the post worthy of being featured.

I've since established an affiliate relationship with them (you'll see their ad on my site, and they advertise YDP on their site), and have already been receiving additional traffic from this relationship.

It was nice to be recognized by someone that my rantings are worthy or broader distribution. I'll continue to work hard to make that recognition justified.

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