Monday, April 13, 2009

Introducing Our Spring Vacation

Here is our latest addition to the household. The Thursday before the big Easter celebration at our house, our 9 year old fridge gave up the ghost. Our buddy John from the neighborhood appliance repair shop came over on Friday for an emergency repair. He tried his best but last rites were ultimately performed. Not a good Good Friday.

Vera asked John what we should buy that would last more than 10 years, to which he replied "Preferably something built in 1940." He was only half-kidding.

So our Easter with 11 people was salvaged by a big cooler on the deck and endless walking up and down the stairs to the beer fridge in the basement. I've often said "Thank God for the beer fridge," but that phrase has taken on a whole new meaning.

So for a mere $2,800 our spring vacation consists of a trip to Sears to pick up this lovely machine. We'll get delivery in two weeks. In the mean time, the yellow dog loves the fact that the beer fridge now suddenly smells REALLY good, and is always at my side "helping" me when I need to get in there.

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