Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kathleen Edwards - Gotta Check this Out

I really enjoy finding new artists, and while I had previously downloaded some things from Kathleen Edwards (In State and Six O'clock News) it wasn't until a fortuitous encounter with iTunes recommendation engine that I did a deeper dive on her work. Holy crap, have I been missing out.

I'd define her as alt-country, with a really sweet, smoky voice and some really incredible lyrics. She's Canadian, but does not have much of a following in the States. Unfortunately, that is too often the case for Canadian musical acts (e.g. The Tragically Hip, Cowboy Junkies - and how the mighty Rush is not yet in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a travesty).

The attached video gives an insight to her talent and personality. For more information, along with a number of great, free downloads, check out her site at

You have to love a chick that can fold Marty McSorley into a song. Now that is a woman that knows her hockey...

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