Sunday, June 10, 2018

Why Don't We Connect?

There are recent studies galore that reveal the abject loneliness in which many of us live.  How shocking, especially in this time of extreme connectedness.  

There have been lots of theories espoused on why this may be, and many of them revolve around the shallow nature of our communications, and subsequently, ultimately with our relationships.  

It's all so superficial. When we go, we don't go deep (if we even go at all...)  

Fr. Don weighed in on this recently:

"Who am I that the mother of my Lord should come to me" (Luke 1:43)? In the Gospel event that we call the visitation, these words are Elizabeth's response to a visit from her cousin Mary. The pregnant and elderly Elizabeth doesn't give a self-centered response: "Where were you? It's about time" but "How did I ever deserve this?" Elizabeth receives the gift of Mary's time and effort as an unexpected, most welcome kindness, a gift.

Daily life offers all of us opportunities to give generously and also to receive with gratitude and joy what others give. In our day the phone, letters, the Internet as well as convenient mobility make it possible for us to bring consolation, light, even some excitement to the lives of the lonely, the ill, the neglected, the aged, the suffering. Yet with so many technology-enhanced opportunities for communication and contact, we still plead "no time." Visitation in some form or other of those who would benefit from it is a snap for us today compared to what it was in Mary's time. What keeps us from doing more of it? Perhaps it's our lack of identification with the selflessness of Christ, something he learned at least partly from his mother. 

Lots to take away on this one...

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