Thursday, June 21, 2018

Trump Derangement. All Day. Every Day.

The exploding heads on TV have been a constant since election night.

Every day.  Literally.

We've gone from Russians, to pussy hats, to Stormy Daniels, to guns, to shrinking Antartic ice, to the latest on the kids on the border.  And I'm sure I've missed a dozen more.

You know what they all have to do with each other?

  • They all come from the same people
  • They are all designed to "get Trump"
  • They've all failed miserably 
Why the failure?  Because people's lives are tangibly better under Trump.  They're working.  They're making more money.  And all of those other things never come close to impacting their daily lives.  At all.  Not even close.

The full weight of Hollywood, the media, and our elite betters have been pushing against Trump since the jump.  Until Mr. and Mrs. America finally get hit in the pocketbook, it will continue to be a fool's errand to do so.

But try they will.  All day.  Every day.

* sigh * 

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